Meet The Team

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Jared Bryson

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(214) 274-4920

We, as The Bryson Group, are a close-knit group of professionals that are all related to the field of education. Working with Texas educators embellishes the essential fiber of the American way of life. Nothing is more satisfying or important to us than giving back to the educator.

That is what The Bryson Group does: we give back to the educator who has given so much to children. The Bryson Group believes in our future and the future of education.

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Scott Browning

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(214) 280-0215

I am committed to providing individuals and families with financial products and services that meet their needs. By keeping up with current financial product trends and offering outstanding service, I have earned a reputation for integrity and for showing true concern for my clients. I’m here to answer any questions you might have about our products and services.

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Eric Bryson

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(469) 247-6908

My wife decided to save for retirement in a 403b when her principal, who was near retirement himself, advised her that all teachers need to prepare for retirement as soon as possible. He said a 403b is a great way to start. As my wife and I continued to save and watch what was happening around us, we realized how right he was. It was during this time that I began to study annuities and options. They are interesting to have and watch as they change to meet the current conditions in the marketplace. I entered the profession of promoting 403b's full-time job in 2008. Since then, my wife has retired, and during the process, we learned many important things about Medicare and Social Security.

It is very important to me to provide all the information and expertise I have acquired to assist you in preparing for many years of retirement. I look forward to getting to know you and working to provide you with plans for a comfortable retirement.